Thorne Family Farm


Thorne Family

The Thorne family is a third generation farm family located in Malibu, California.  We practice sustainable farming and grow a wide assortment of year-round fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers. Deeply committed to providing our community with produce that is varied, flavorful and nutritious, we grow with the upmost care for health and the environment.

Produce in the supermarket is grown with pesticides and herbicides. By using organic and sustainable growing methods, we are able to almost completely eliminate the need for these chemicals. We use many beneficial insects to keep the bad bugs away. By buying local produce, you also help reduce pollution caused by hauling food hundreds or perhaps thousands of miles away. More importantly, is that you receive the food the day it is picked, just like we do in our home. That's why we call our vegetables and fruit "HOME GROWN."


We believe that local farming is the right thing to do. The most rewarding aspects of farming is getting to know the people who eat the wonderful food we grow, and promoting the concepts of sustainable farming with our summer Farm Camp for kids, and our Home Garden Consultation.


We look forward to feeding you.


~ Larry & Laurel Thorne

© photograph by Nicole Fisher Photography

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