Thorne Family Farm


Larry and his local picking crew - Trancas Field - 1975

My grandfather, Walter Lowe, came to Culver City from Kentucky to farm in the 1920s.  My father, Albert Thorne, started farming in Malibu in the late 30s. Our family operated the renowned Lowe’s Corn Stand on the Westside of Los Angeles. Howard Hughes and many other famous people were regular customers, and our sweet corn and melons were served at The Brown Derby Restaurant. My parents made their living dry farming Sunset Mesa, Ramirez Canyon, Malibu Park and Zuma Canyon where the Thorne Family Farm is today.


Times were different back then. In the 40s and 50s, Malibu was a wide-open place.  The highway had come through and the Rindge Family was winding down their cattle operations.  A car went by about every fifteen minutes on PCH. In those days, diesel was 4 cents a gallon and a brand new Caterpillar tractor was $2,500. Sweet corn was a nickel an ear and that was for the highest grade Golden Bantam sweet corn we could  grow.

Today my wife,myself and our two children operate our farm…

Strawberries are our specialty. They are unbelievably tasty, fragrant, vivid in color, thick in texture, and juicy beyond belief.


We look forward to feeding you.


Larry Thorne

Farming Culver City - 1947

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